pic: Moon Rocks in motion.

Trinity made it to the finals matches of two regionals, BAE and Chesapeake. They lost to Stang and HOT in the semis of Galileo. Always a presence every year from the very beginning.

that is a really nice picture. how did you manage to take it.

Catwalk. Really cool picture!

nice shot =)… wonders how you managed to get it… Yes I noted that you said catwalk but its not like anyone can get up there =)

After the build season and our teams competitions, I volunteer for the Championship Event.

I work in the media center helping journalists and photographers get access to activities so they can pursue stories.
This one is from the Wall Street Journal:

CBS Sunday Morning was also there and should have a piece this Sunday or next.

We work closely with the Dome management and usually ask if an engineer can give a tour of the arena from the catwalks on high. I did not go up this year, but one of my colleagues with a Dome engineer took a photographer up there.

Ahh I figured thats all I needed to know… it could be really hairy if your scared of heights and doing all this the hard way =)