pic: More NERD swag

Me in my brand spankin new NERD hat as I chat with fellow NERDS about all matters New Englandish!

I loveee that hat!

Gotta love full resolution images, because I can definitely read at least 13 words of that chat. Unfortunately none of them involve launching websites…

me wants a hat!! andy!!

i suppose that’s what I get for missing chats because i’m driving boats :stuck_out_tongue:

way to sport the nerd hat and the nerd chat!

haha that rhymed. I should be a poet.

I hope I’m not one of the ones in that chat…might be bad PR for me :stuck_out_tongue:
Pimp hat, though. How’s New England been lately? I’ve been gone since January.

Andy, you’re flooding the market for n.e.r.d. apparell! ha ha.

Still waiting for my acceptance Andy, when’s that gonna come? :rolleyes:

arent we all greg? haha sweet hat though

in due time my friend… thats what i have learned… patience is key to becoming a NERD… in due time we will all be NERDs… for now we are just NERD’s at heart =D

Actually, funny story…

I was at the Mall of New Hampshire last weekend when I ran across a kiosk in the middle of the mall that had custom embroidering on hats, shirts, etc. I thought it would be really cool to have them embroider a NERD hat for me, so I talked to the lady working there and started filling out the form. As I told her what I wanted written in the hat “N.E.R.D.” she looked at me and jokingly said “Do you want one with “GEEK” too?” I laughed it off, continued shopping and showed up 45 minutes later to pick up my hat. To my amazement, there were now two bright red G.E.E.K. hats in the same font style and everything…and they had already sold! So now if you are walking around and you start seeing people with bright red G.E.E.K. hats…you now know where they came from!

ahaha awsome story Andy. :yikes:

I think I’m not as shocked to know that there are G.E.E.K. hats wandering around so much (the geek chic is in this year), as I am to ask; “New Hampshire has a Mall?!?!?!?!?!?!”


Anyways, did you find out what G.E.E.K. stood for?
Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Group of Engineers Engineering Kool stuff?

it’s crazy NERDs are taking over the world!?

Don’t worry too much about that…

I’m on top of it already. I got it covered. :wink: