pic: More Parts from South FL

Long weekend project… 4 large garbage containers worth of chips later… Drive plates.

Beautiful parts. Any more details on them?

Oh god they are beautiful :eek:

But might I ask, how many robots are you building?

Thank you Dave.

They were made out of 1/2 X 6 Flat bar. Fly-cut on both sides down to 3/8, the ribs and bearing holes are all 1/4 thick and the pockets only leave a 0.050 wall, which adds significant strength at a low weight price. Weight is about 1.18 lbs per plate.

Needless to say, we will not be powder-coating these. :smiley:

Tank or 10wd?

I counted a dozen plates. Assuming 4/robot, I started wondering who they were collaborating with this year–I can see one team building 2 robots, but 3 is a stretch.

Why not? 1 comp bot and 2 to practice toss/catch with.

That’s actually not a bad idea. I should have bought more metal… I need another machine.

My team has at least mentioned the idea of doing 3 robots… we shall see what comes of it.

How long did it take to machine those?

I thought everyone was doing 2 practice robots now…

Or atleast building a drive base that can throw a ball to your twin-bot to practice catching.

There was two programs. The first one was about 15 minutes per plate, this included fly cutting the material on both sides, all counter bores and holes.

The second program used required the fixture plate and took about 30 minutes per plate, this included all pocketing and contouring.

As for the quantities. We actually made 15 one to hang up in our office for decoration, and the other had the wrong size wall thickness and pockets were too deep so we scrapped it.

You’re scaring me Adam. We’re actually doing one prototype bot, with a Vex Cortex and old IFI PDB, old KOP frame, wood, and scrap pieces, and two competition-grade identical twins. So, in theory, we’ll still be able to sort of practice with two after bag day.