pic: More teaser Blueprint correction


Did my best to correct the image to a rectangular shape

Rotational symmetry (more of less)…
Viking helmet supernova…
Pac-Man ghosts…

I’m stumped. Disney had better make those field elements easy to build at home.

Two people (stick figures) on Segways (upper right, lower left).

The hand is pointing to the letters bp.
BP is a gasoline company.
Change is coming was in last year’s game hint.
The change which was thought of was not for last year. It was for this year.
Gasoline powered robots.

I see those as chutes or ramps that a human player can use to enter game pieces onto the field. But Segways for the FTAs and FTAAs and FTAAAUs is good.

And for the drive teams!!! :smiley: :smiley:

My FTAA self just did a squeeee at that thought :yikes: