pic: Morning Fog

Cool Pic.

So, after you kill analog, you can still keep your head above the clouds???

Wow, another nice photo. More like “low flying clouds” though…:wink:

You know all that noise in an analog signal? Well this is what happens when you dont let it out normally.

Yes I am having too much fun with these pictures, thanks Al, it is an awesome picture.

Is that the magic smoke from the analog equipment you killed?:eek:

This is one of those natural things that happens when the city sleeps. It lasted a total of about 15 minutes and then was gone. The picture is from our digital transmitter space on the 100th floor of Sears Tower looking northeast about 4:00AM. The building on the left in fog is the new Trump Tower (96 floors). The one on the right in the fog is the Aon Building (formerly the Standard Oil Building at 83 floors) and John Hancock (100 floors) is just out of the frame on the left. The building in the left foreground has towers on top that have no function. The person who was paying thought the building would look cooler with antennas so he had the architect add then to the design. Lake Michigan is of course in the background under the fog layer.
Trump Tower is a hotel and residence and is trying to get broadcasters to move their transmitters to it’s location. The antenna “pipe” currently has no antennas. Hancock has been a broadcaster center since it was built but is eclipsed by the Sears Tower whose broadcasters find has no RF shadows cast be tall buildings that the others suffer from. Sears produces a significant shadow to the southwest of the city for broadcasters at the Hancock Center.

Mrs. O’ Leary’s Cow’s great great great granddaughter does it again…

It’s a long walk down from the 102nd floor (our analog transmitter location). I almost had to do that once if you remember the “great tunnel flood”. The basement at Sears was filling up with water from the Chicago River and the building told us they could give us about 15 minutes notice that all power would be removed from the building. I was on watch (my turn in the rotation) to shut down the transmitter and all other equipment and try to get out before the shutdown otherwise the long walk down.

Can we have a mod rotate this by any chance?
I mean, My flat panel screen is nice & light & I could pick it up to see it correctly, or just rotate my head a bit, but ya know… ::safety:: :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool picture Al!
What kind of camera did you use to capture this btw?
It seems to have picked up the color & detail very nicely!

This is a down converted pic from a Canon EOS Rebel Xti with the stock lens. I was shooting at ISO 800 and holding the camera against the window frame so that I wouldn’t pick up window dirt and to steady the camera. I have several others that I need to look at more closely.
I have uploaded the rotated version and will try to substitute it later today.

Great photo Al!
I spent my formative years living on a mountain in NH that has a lot of antennas. Your photo made me want to go find my pics of under cast at sunrise on Mt. Washington! There are lots of great photos on the Observatory website like these http://www.mountwashington.org/photos/journal/index.php?month=10&year=2007

Great picture, Al! Thanks for posting it.

I posted the rotated picture in my media.
Jenny, I didn’t visit Mt. Washington but I did get up to the site near Stowe,Vt. Mt. Mansfield I think. We took a service road to the saddle when the kids were younger.