pic: MORT '06 pretty shooter......

This is the MORT '06 shooter. 100% designed and built by students.

Design: Kevin Meissner, Eric Weiland
CAD:Kevin Meissner
CNC: In Eric’s basement on his dad’s CNC.
Welding: Kevin Meissner
Assembly: Eric Weiland, Kevin Meissner, Mike Nawrot
Lathe Work: Mike Nawrot, Kevin Meissner.
Awesome Team Color Paint Job: Kevin Meissner and good ol’ spray paint.
Rad Rad Robotank Symbol: Alex Tessmer’s ADHD (ok… he doesn’t really have ADHD, but he had to do something crazy)
Awesome Photo : Kevin Meissner.

This shooter has a 100% custon CNC’d aluminum wheel, which runs on 3/8 bearings located in the central Delrin hub. It is coated with a custom fitted inner tube, and is mounted on Lexan side walls. It’s powered by a single mini-bike motor, and uses an aluminum hood to compress and aim the balls. The hood has an adjustable angle, and has a potentiometer mounted to it (not shown) to return values to the robot controller. The shooter is mounted on a turret and gets 180 degrees of rotation. The base that attaches to the turret is CNC’d aluminum and was welded by Kevin Meissner. All the gears are custom CNC’d from lexan, except the drive for the wheel, which is two stock nylon sprockets custom painted yellow. There is a lexan gaurd on the front of the wheel to protect it and to increase safety. Overall… we’re insanely proud of this shooter. See you in Trenton.

The first line of the description is the prettiest part! Good Job Mort!

Thats wicked. I like the paint job.


A work of industrial art. You should be proud of yourselves.

I’d like to point out this is before the chain decided to come lose and scratch the wheel up.

but you’d think it would look bad? nope. it looks awesome. it gave it a nice saw-blade effect. I like it, but i think Kevin (our driver/guy who painted it(we love Kevin)) is going to re-paint it.

But yeah, it’s really cool looking.

thanks Kevin for being awesome!

I’d like to mention that that isn’t even a very good pic. (It cuts off a lot of the paint job.)
You can see a patch of unpainted aluminum in the upper right. That is actually the edge of a RAD RAD RoboTank. (Fans of homestar runner will know what I’m talking about.)

that and the back has “11” painted on it, with yellow and the aluminum showing.

it looks hawt.

good job again Kevin!

Ed… Chris… Especially Chris… thats enough comments on your parts… let the nice people post their comments and questions… :stuck_out_tongue: lol. Yea… its about time we get a nice looking robot… wait until you see what i want to do to the back board and the bumpers… :wink:

I’m glad our shooter came out so nice, who’s got a pic of the entire bot!?

I’ve got videos and pictures.


i don’t think i actually took a still picture of our robot, but i have a lot of video… including the “infamous” video that’s made it’s way around the team already. . .