pic: MORT 2010


Robot as shipped. Many changes being made. The other side of the bot will hopefully have some finished surprises for Trenton, if not, we’ll have them for Boston. Come by our pit for questions in Trenton, Boston, and Atlanta. Right now the practice bot is in the operating room undergoing surgery to change a lot of features. Leave it to us to be the only EWCP team who didnt choose 8wd =P Most complex part of the robot- our Java code

Looking good Stogi.

Can you explain the kicker to me?

(also, I really, really miss the yellow and black theme :frowning: )

Looking real good. lol I miss yellow and black too. This bumper thing is dumb. They need to change it again for the next year. Good luck to you guys in Jersey and Boston. I’ll miss playing with and against you guys.


Agreed, they should give us cold blue and red cathodes! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see it in action! Good luck tomorrow and to everyone else!

Good lookin bot, glad to see it :wink:

I’m liking the swerve…the bot Looks pretty pro.

See you guys in Boston!

I like where you’ve placed your sponsor stickers! We never thought to go below the bumper!

I can’t wait to play with your team in Boston! Good luck in New Jersey!

Due to the complex Java code- we won innovation in controls lol also due to complex code- small bugs that we didn’t fully figure out until middle of eliminations.

What we thought would happen with our current configuration, did happen. We were not an effective robot. We will have the following added on for Boston: ball magnet, cam loaded kicker/direct drive kicker(thanks Tyler from 2016), we’ll also have our “Riot Shield” mounted :wink: . Steering options will be locked tank drive, swerve, and ackerman. We will put up at least 3 guaranteed hangs in Boston.

We anticipated NJ not going too well, but we’ll be ready for Boston.


Congrats on winning innovation in controls.

I have no doubt you guys will be ready for Boston, you’re definitely a team that know how to get it done.

We’re planning on bringing our A game, so bring yours too :wink: