pic: MORT and 816 Ready for a Match

Photo courtesy of Kristian Calhoun (frc25)

Us and 816 ready to face off in the quarterfinals at NJ. 3 match elimination.

That is such an awesome picture…

However, I hate playing MORT in the elims… For some strange reason they always knock us out.

Whats that sticking out at the back of MORT?? It looks like a stripped wire…:eek: :ahh:

Its most likely a drag wire to keep static from building up. We has the same thing on our bot.

I’m actually not quite sure where that is coming from. To my knowledge, we don’t have a drag wire, if we do, it was done while I wasn’t in the pit. Its not from any motors because that match we ran perfectly.

the competition trailers have drag chains on them, so, as long as your trailer hitch is grounded you should be good…