pic: MORT at Palmetto


Team Captains (Me, Marc, and Dan) with mentors holding up our banner and trophies. It feels just darn good holding a trophy almost as heavy as me, and standing next to a banner almost the same height as me.

You guys really did an amazing job. The robot was efficient and accurate, and you definitely made some improvements to it after NJ. But hey, I (or the rest of the team (1676)) can’t complain. We were in the second-place alliance, and for a second year team, that’s pretty darn good. Good job MORT!

Thanks so much! We were so happy to see a fellow Jersey team experience finals with us. Keep up the amazing work, you guys are so young, but are accomplishing so much.

I just realized that both times MORT took home the championship, another Jersey team was in the Finals…in 2004 it was 11 and 1302, and in 2006 it was 11 and 1676…and the one time MORT didn’t win the championship, another Jersey team was in the finals…in 2005 it was team 25…coincidence?

hey great job guys, you deserve it, you have worked really hard im glad to see that you guys have pulled thorough and kept the tradition of mort alive. 1676 you guys have such great potential,i hope that you keep up the amazing work.

-_- ashweee

Thanks for the support. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up at a pre- or postseason match and work together on an alliance. Heck, imagine us, 25, and you guys at Brunswick Eruption. NOBODY would be able to beat that, I think.

See you later.

The Canuck

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You guys were amazing in Palmetto! I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better match up for the finals! New Jersey representing in that final match!

I have to agree with my teammate in hopes that we will someday be on an alliance together in the finals or in general instead of against each other.

Good luck in Atlanta! You guys totally deserve it!