pic: MORT Teaser


Just a little something MORT’s been up to this build season.
Hint: it’s a drive train component

I think an automatic transmission would be really neat!

(looks to be the pump gears from a 1950s thru 1980s GM automatic transmission)

They look heavy!

Internal gear goes inside the wheel???

Could be pretty cool

Parts for a differential! ?!?:smiley: :confused:

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A gerotor pump?! I thought hydraulics weren’t allowed.

GM? O god please don’t

now this is a long shot but that looks like part of a torque multiplier, maybe to give you more power to your wheels at a lower gear ratio since we are not allowed mini bike motors? am i far off?

Stating that they are likely to be GM parts is just an observation…Ford pump gears had two flats instead of tangs to drive them, and Chryslers used a gerotor design instead of this crescent type.

ya ya I was just grinding your gears (pun intended)