pic: MORT's 2008 Button

Designed by Mike Medeiros and Derrek Ridings.

Mecanum wheel in the center. Hopefully I’ll have them in time for Chesapeake this week. But we’ll have them for Atlanta. Comments are welcome.

btw, how many will I need?

How many will I need to get for Atlanta (approx.)? They’re gonna be 2.25 inches. Thanks.:smiley:

I want one for Atlanta. Please and thank you. Ill need another for the operator.

we make as many as we can. Kids will get pulled out of what we call drop classes (study hall, PE etc) during the last week and go make buttons. Usually ending up with 50-100.

I’m pretty sure we make 200-250 buttons to bring to Atlanta…maybe more. We set up a chain of 3 or 4 people, and they are normally able to crank out the buttons in a couple of hours.

I would like a Team 11 button :smiley:
I love you guys <3

Sweet, I’m told we ordered a thousand of them. Plenty for the people who come by our pit and also for off-season.:slight_smile:

Seeing as we’ll be next to eachother in the pits, I don’t see how you could avoid giving me one. :smiley: Looking forward to talking with you guys in our spare time while the drive teams are off doing their thing…