pic: Motivational Poster

Remember kids…

I know i have been inspired…INSPIRED TO LAUGH!..

I know that was bad, but man, thats a really funny poster john.

Anyone else find it funny that Dave doest these awesome photoshop things about john, then john does a…well…great job!

This all stemmed from a rep I got from Karthik reading:
“Yeah, we all know that engineering is just about driving trains…”

Props to Karthik.


wait, engineers dont drive trains the tracks do

That picture was pretty motivational…NOT! :yikes:

Although I do admit that was pretty funny. The man in the picture looks like he is the head of research and development after those long years of being an engineer.

i thought engineers designs, builds and test… i :confused:

See? You don’t see stupid English major uniforms. :wink:

English Majors in uniform.


You were saying? :smiley:

Oh yeah, when I retire from whatever it is I’ll retire from, I want to drive miniature trains around parks. Doesn’t everyone?

hahahah. … oh SNAP!

This might be even better than the original image :slight_smile:

In the US, English Majors usually get this uniform…



ouch!!! You’d better watch out DJ. That right hook is deady! :ahh:

It’s good that you get familiar with that uniform DJ.
I think maybe it will hold a prominent part of your future as well.

“Do you want fries with that?”



Ouch! He’s ripping on Purdue University…

Who (who actually goes to the main Purdue Campus or who has graduated from there) would like to respond to that? :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that’s ripping on Purdue, DJ. I think he’s just ripping on you :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see what he’s wasting his time for, I rip on myself anyway…its a waste of breath (or typing in this case) :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry DJ.
We can’t all be doctors.

Someone’s gotta clean out my septic tank.


dont’ worry DJ… when mickey D’s doesn’t accept your credentials from your purdue degree, I think they’ll this employer will take you. (Warning, DJ in 2 years!)](http://irrationalnoise.com/fries.htm)

David, I believe the joke is:

Q. “What does an IU grad say to a Purdue Grad?”

A. Would you like fries with that?

Chris Fultz told that one…hahaha