pic: Motorola I730 Phone w/ FIRST Logo


You know your addicted to FIRST when you put the FIRST Logo on your phone.

Yep! Your looking at my Nextel Phone with the FIRST Logo as a wallpaper. Eventully when I get carried away with myself I’ll put up my old team logo as a Wallpaper.

this is great, i think im gonna have to do this sometime remembers he doesnt have a cell phone ahh oh well, i can still feel cool by pasting random first images around my house and keeping it as my AIM buddy icon.

Yeah this was the cool result of being bored and had some free time to resize the logo. lol I will attempt to put it on a bowling ball to I just gotta find a way to do it lol .

Till then it will remain on the phone and pc’s



lol for the rest of us that would like to look cool like that, do you have the resized picture? if you dont have it hosted now id be glad to throw it up on my site so people can download it. ( onto there phones )

actually i need to resize it a lil bit more but i’ll be more then glad to post it here for all to use! just keep in mind this picture may not fit all phones and of course you gotta have a color screen lol

This is for the Motorola Phones so it should fit those with the I95 and I730 as for other models you’ll have to get me the specs on what the phone can handle!

How do you upload pictures to your phone like that? I have a motorola t720 and have yet to figure that out.

for the motorola I90 / I95 and I730 there is software that is on the market that will currently upload ring tones / java apps and wallpapers. as for the T720 you could run a search for e.g.wallapapers for Motorola T720 and i’m sure they’ll be a program to go with what they have to offer.

Just keep in mind that when i post the resized logo that you will need a data cable (serial / usb and the proper software for you phone to upload it)

Heres the forum i found for a T720

for those with the Nextel phones stated above you can get your program here
Follow the links Create a user name and password and have it registered for
$5 from there just upload the supporting programs.

with my phone you can go to a url (www.watever.net/picture.gif) and it will download it to the phone wirelessly.

okay…thats cool but u could jus take a pic of the first logo off ur computer screen or something right?

you can take any picture you want off of the computer resize it to what the phone demensions are. e.g 90x90pixels and convert it to a GIF file.

I can post the regular FIRST logo and leave you guys to resize it to where you need it.

After that how you get it on ure phone is up to u. Im not sure if you can do it wirelessly or not. You def. need cables.

I uploaded the FIRST logo(s) as is with no resizing done

Depends on the Phone model and carrier.

www.samsungusa.com I think

fr_logo2.bmp (13.8 KB)

fr_logo2.bmp (13.8 KB)

does anyone know of a software link for samgung phones??

figured i’d give an update on my findings.

So far from doing some research these are my current findings

Motorola Phones made for Nextel have a capability to D/L Wall papers, Ring Tones, Games via A Data Cable or Over The Air Transmission

Phones Made for Sprint have a capability to D/L Wallpapers, Ring Tones, Games via Over the Air Transmission (Not to sure about the data cable)

Phones Made for T-Mobile have a capability to D/L Wallpapers, Ring Tones, Games via Data Cable or Over The Air Transmission

Phones Made for AT&T have a capability to D/L Wallpapers, Ring Tones, Games via Data Cable or Over The Air Transmission.

If you would like to upload the FIRST logo to your phone you will need the Data Cable and Supporting Software that allows your PC to Communicate with your phone. From there you should be able to take wallpapers, ringtones, games and place it on your phone. Not all phones are Data Cable capable so be sure to check your manual to see if your phone is capable. If I’m not mistaken I have the FIRST logo attached on one of the posts below just save the picture to any common folder.
Open your phone software program on the PC. Find a button that says Upload Wallpaper, Browse the folders to where the FIRST logo is, Select the logo and press upload.

Please note that different phones use different file extensions. Some phones can upload *.jpg , *.gifs and *.bmp and others can do either or so you may need to save the Logo as a different file name. Same Rule applies to Screen size. Some phones have bigger or smaller screens you may need to modify the logo to fit your screen. I’ll post another update if I learn anything new !

Good Luck to all the teams.