pic: Motorola (not so) Quality Award

Well, about 10 minutes after receiving the award, it fell apart. Oops!

Ouch, one of our finalist trophies was dropped and had to be glued back together.

Oh man! That’s the one thing that they always warned us about on HOT, I was spastic when we won our Judges this year that everyone hold it by the black part! If you PM Walt or Dave from HOT, they might be able to tell you how to get it back on…

Lexan solvent usually fixes it. This just fell out on its own though, we had it sitting in the stands, and when we went to pick it up again, that had somehow come loose.

is this not the definition of irony?

No, the definition of irony is getting hit by an ambulance.

Congrats on the award, I suggest let it sit on a high shelf where people are not prone to touch it. I did that for an award that broke from Boy Scouts and it looks great when I put a little glue on the break.


Yeah, always hold those trophies by the base. 116 has lost a couple too (one got dropped, another fell out of where it was being stored). :frowning:

Us too. But we fixed them, I think.

612’s finalist trophy broke too

They really ought to make these things out of Lexan. 868 has one or two broken trophies.

I dropped the GM Industrial Design trophy getting on the bus at Palmetto a few years back. The trophy wasnt Industrial-Designed! Fortunately the three plastic pieces snapped at or below the base line and we were able to epoxy them back with little visible effect.

Since then we either carry any trophies in a tote bag with handles or I let the kids take them home. If they break them peer pressure will prevail!

WC :cool:

Yeah, the three pieces seem to come out at the seems easily. I saw a team at LA drop there’s in the pits and it completely came apart.

Thank goodness for EPOXY!!!

that sucks!

I saw (I believe) one of the Killer Bees at GLR–the one in the suit–trip and drop their trophy…I wonder how that came out…:eek:

As far as I know, we haven’t broken any of our trophies, but we might just be lucky.

It seems like adding character to a trophy would make a better story to tell the freshmen, though. Instead of “We won”, you could say “we won, but when I held the award up, I dropped it and…” – If I did this I’d never live it down…


Our 2003 Florida Regional Motorola Quality Award suffered the same fate, we just glued it back together (or so I was told). Immediately after getting our 2007 Florida Regional Website Award, I was distinctly told by the mentor (like everyone else is saying) to hold it by the base. Of course, I didn’t listen to him…it hasn’t broken but I’ve gotten my middle finger stuck in between the triangle and the circle at least 5 times.

The FIRST logo got a change a while back. Maybe the awards are due for a change. Anyone like the Cal Games awards? I sure do. I like the elegance captured in the simplicity of FIRST trophies but next to sports trophies they are perhaps too simple.

Whenever our team wins an award, when we return to our seats we will pass the trophy around our team and you can always hear people yelling “Hold It By The Base!”. I just thought they were over-paranoid… Apparently I was/am wrong…:ahh:

The Cal Games awards are indeed beautiful. The thing I liked the most is the big lettering. When somebody sees a bunch of trophies, they don’t stop to read each little plaque; they just begin counting quantity. The WRRF trophy hangs in our school office where everyone stops to read it.
As for a new trophy material, colored anodized aluminum would be nice. :]

That happened to us in 2005 at Atlanta both of our awards fell apart at some point but some glue and 15 minutes later it was all better, congratulations on winning the award.