pic: Mountain Dew

Gotta say, there are several advantages to winning a State Championship…
Getting selected by the Thunderchickens, getting the Huskie Brigade as a third robot, having Paul and Adam cooking up strategy, and having Mountain Dew.
Need I say more?

It sorta reminds me of this pic


Is that Mountain Dew: Pitch Black!?!?!?! :ahh:

Our savior! bows

Being from this year, I believe that is the “new” Mountain Dew Voltage. Mountain Dew Pitch Black hasn’t been around since 2004-2005, unless they’ve been stockpiling it for awhile.

Mountain Dew is good, but some POWERTHIRST will get you guys going!

That’s what I was thinking, but it looked quite dark for Voltage.

It is definitely mountain dew voltage, that stuff is amazing. Winning a competition on Mountain Dew is a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure does taste good. Mountain dew seems to be the primary beverage of our team though.

:smiley: LOOK!!! 1918 banner in the backround!:smiley:

Totally have to agree with you Nick. Mountain Dew is huge on our team. I mean we empty out the Proving grounds vending machine of the stuff before the actual employees can even touch it lol. :yikes:

hahahah… I was given the Mountain Dew Driver award by the mentors at our banquet :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe…Dew is so popular on our team that when we had a party for a friend and I was the only FIRST team member there, as soon as the other friends pulled out the Dew a ton of FIRST kids swarmed over. And yes, we had a random birthday party. In school. In study hall.

That is classic, I like it. Gotta try it one day.