pic: Mounting Brackets

The kind of mounting brackets you can make when you are 30 lb underweight, left alone with a Bridgeport, and the aluminium blocks are free.

Are those the WCP DSes? Did you opt not to have them anodized?

By the way, I really like your folded C-channel to hold the two sides of your robot together. Are the folded channels the same part as a bellypan?

Single’s. We just didn’t have the plates/bearing blocks anodized at this point in time.

Nice job! How are you guys attaching bumpers (Bolt/Pin/Quick Release Pins etc…?)


What type of wheels are those. They look like they are made of stone**

Those are 4" Colsons. They drive pretty nicely!

Also, haven’t gotten the bumpers together. I’m sure the students have it all together in the cad though… :cool:

Yea, they are not anodized as that would have delayed them more than the 2 weeks that they already were :confused:

Thanks, that was our master CAD student Sahil. Here is the same corner in the CAD with the bumper mounts in place, the blue is the bellypan/C and is all one piece of metal. It bends back up on the other side in a mirror image. http://screencloud.net/v/51qF

They will probably be bolts and wing nuts down those little slots in the top of the mount, I am not quite sure, but we will be using reversible bumpers this year so they shouldn’t need to come off much

lol like I said, we are trying to add weight to our severely underweight bot :wink:
But no, as Phil said they are these: http://www.robotcombat.com/products/BPDWC09.html

I thought they were rubber wheels. Like the kind used to “grind” and “polish” aluminim.

Gee, I would be careful to keep those side mounts from getting bent…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, those mounting brackets don’t look strong enough…