pic: mp3 player


I put this together a week or so ago to play around with curved surfaces a little more, as difficault as they are with inventor. As well as getting the color down right, i utilized the emboss command more than ever before and wow did it help. It also allowed me to work with text a little more as well as shaping separate part files. (ive never really taken advantage of drawing a part in position in an assembly). The most difficault thing that i have never run into was embossing the inside of the cone-shaped indentation on the red toggle. the fact that it was a continued circled surface makes it impossible to emboss, so instead i used the replace face command after a rotated surface.
It took 2.5 hours.

Hey!!! thats my MP3 player! Very good job.

Wow. That’s impressive. Nice work.

is there a new derek hugger in our midst?

WOW…thats amazing…Great job :smiley:

I know that from anywere, it’s a Rio Forge model I asume. It’s very well done looks just like it. Sweet job. I have one of those, red and it “used” to be a 128 megabyte model. My Rio is held togeather by ducktape. Great job once again.

Its actually a Rio Cali 256 mb…old school :cool:

I have a Rio Karma 20GB it is amazing!!!
i locked up on me once so i tore it appart and i jolted the HDD back into place it works sooooo much better now!!!