pic: MSC Winner Sheetmetal Trophy (angle)

I designed this trophy in responce to the $5.00 trophies that first provided the district events this year. This trophy is scalable to basically any size relative to the award. I personally think it would look great anodized gold for the winners and left silver for finialists. This picture highlights the robust sheetmetal shape, only 4 bends in the same plane means its easy to fold, and 6 1/4" rivets hold the pieces together. The sheetmetal look is unique and impressive while maintaining a small footprint making it a welcome addition to any trophy case.

I thought that at regional’s and(MSC + MAR) that they would be giving out the traditional trophies and not the cheap district ones.

They are, this specific trophy was just for fun. However, the general concept is that this trophy could be for any event with a different label. :]

gotcha:) I really like it maybe give it out as a team award to see what other teams think of it I know that at a couple of our districts we got some team awards that were cooler than the official trophies.

Wow:ahh: I’m impressed by this trophy design. I’d personally trade my $5 trophies for trophies with this design.

Why all the holes?

So teams can mount it to their robot :wink:

bahahaha YES.

This trophy is totally awesome, I’d be proud to put it up in my shop.
This year’s trophies are garbage, but it’s understandable why.

I thought it was a clean lightening pattern. There could triangles, squares, really any pattern or none at all. I tried several and liked this one the best.

1/4" holes are great for 1/4-20 bolts or 1/4" rivets :wink:

I actually think that if FIRST switched to sheetmetal trophies they would save money. I don’t know what the cost of the current regional trophies are to make but I do know that most of FIRST’s sponsors have the resources to blast these out very quickly if they were asked to. Costs would include the source sheet metal plus machining and assembly time. Machining is simply waterjeting or lasercuting. Assembly includes 4 bends in the same plane (very easy) and the two pieces of the trophy go together with 6 rivets. I imagine with donated resources trophies would cost FIRST nothing and the donating company very little.

I hope they were like $5 because that’s what they look like.

Your design is really elegant, I would definitely have our sheet sponsor make a few of these up for events.

You might be right, but it would take some research.

I liked the old trophies because they were unique and cool. The district trophies this year look like something you’d get for winning a knitting contest at the state fair. This design is unique too, and I could totally imagine one of the major sponsors making a donation, but it’d require some work.

I would be Very Very happy to win one of those! It looks awesome!:smiley:

I really like the look of this! I think this is definitely more worthy than the tiny trophies handed out this year in the districts.

One note would be if somehow the event name and award name could be moved to a separate plaque, like the VEX trophies and the current FRC trophies; only to make it easier to mass produce the trophy and then add the event information aftewards.

Hey, if you punched the holes different shapes and sizes on each side, you could use it as a cheese grater. Who doesn’t want a trophy that’s both displayable and functional?

A. I think the current trophies are actually $8.95.

B. The winners are supposed to get silver, to leave gold for Chairman’s.

A. They are $5.95

B. The winners are supposed to get gold, to leave platinum for Chairman’s.