pic: mtaman02 - New WAI

Me caught in the middle of something… got no clue what it was lol.

Taken at SBA @ the NJ Regional

Courtesy of Bharat :slight_smile:

You did a good job with the Qing area. And I liked the signs you were wearing.

Thank You :), I did my very best esp. since that was officially my first time in the lead role.

Those same signs and me will be making our way to another local regional doing the same job but I’m not gonna say which one… you’ll just have to wait and see :)…

Well if it is NY I might be there but I wont be on the field. And if it happens to be Philly I will see it there. But yeah you did a really good job.

Nah def. not NY - I’ll be in OR that week.

In any case g/l to you and your team at future events :). I’ll prob bump into you at an off-season event if it’s close enough :slight_smile:

hey there mikey boy… lol looks like ur havin fun

Darn skippy lol…

I had a blast and its about to get better!

Hey Mike is gettin’ jiggy…

Yea I think thats what I was doing (after 4 Loooonnnnggg Days of FIRST and Work back to back) I had to do something to make it look like I wasn’t tired :). Next time I’m taking off from work. My legs and feet hated me for a week.

I think we had just wrapped up the eliminations - thats why my headset was off lol… not like there was much talking going on since the pit admin desk was right next to queuing AND so was the DJ lol.