pic: Multiple Targets

Woo, we can detect multiple targets and get distances.

Some may note that it says one is 17 inches closer even though they are both on a wall… shh >_> it’s being worked on.

Generally caused by the “fish” eye effect.

It’s too bad we can’t change the lens to a “tele-centric” lens or something greater than 25mm to 55mm would smooth out the fish eye.

How exactly are you generating the image and placing the size/location data on the image? That’s pretty neat.


That looks like it’s from the NI Vision Assistant.

Impressive! My team has been wondering about detecting mulitple colors and these sorts of read outs

Very nice, I think you have gotten done with the difficult part. Fixing the little error with depth should be easier I suspect. Hope you get it worked out.

I’m no LavVIEW expert, but poking around somewhere in Vision Assistant I found a way to correct lens distortion. It involves shooting an array of dots for calibration. I’ll follow up if we ever manage to get to that stage.

John Charlton