pic: MVRT 115 2017: El Toro XX

MVRT is proud to present our 2017 robot, El Toro XX. We will be competing at the Arizona North Regional and the Silicon Valley Regional. Hope to see you there!

-2 VEX 2 CIM Ball Shifters
-4" VEX DT Wheels
-#35 Chain
-High Speed: 16.5 ft/s
-Low Speed: 7.3 ft/s

Gear Manipulator
-Mostly passive, with active piston actuated flaps that fold out
-Loads gear from loading station
-Receives gear from several angles as well as from up to 6in away from loading station
-(3-4) sec climb time

Winch Manipulator
-Uses Hook Side of Velcro on a PVC Drum Roller
-135:1 Versaplanetary with RS-775Pro