pic: MVRT115 Broken Arm Close Up


Here is a close up of our broken arm

Here is the story:
Here is a picture of our arm aluminum 1"x1" breaking the night before ship!!! (thats not the only thing that failed on us, see the gearbox photo) We were testing out our automous code, and it backdrove the arm too many times, causing the screws to sheer the aluminum 1"x1". It was put under too much pressure. So then our advisor was machining a block to replace this part at ten pm the night before ship, while we were trying to find spare aluminum 1"x1". We were calling local teams trying to find the aluminum 1"x1", though we ended up just putting a block to replace this section of the arm. Then, it turned out that we had aluminum 1"x1" all this time, we just didnt look hard enough to find it. I guess thats what happens when you don’t clean up for a weekend, especially the last weekend!