pic: MVRT115 Failed Carrier Plate


Here is a picture of our Carrier Plate Failing from our gearbox.

It failed on the last day of build!!!

We were starting a stress test, and when we hit our 2006 hit into this year’s robot, the carrier plate failed.


Be ready to change out the carrier plate because you do not want it to fail on you during competition.

Sorry about your luck. Do/did you have another plate handy?

Two questions:
Were you using one or two CIMS?
What wheels were you using?

As a rookie, I don’t know too much, but I’ll try to answer them.

We sort of fixed the carrier plate for now, but it will definitely have to be replaced for competition.
I believe we were using 2 CIMS
The wheels I’m not so sure about, they were probably from the KOP, but I cannot confirm that.

We almost ended up putting a gearbox from last year onto the robot:D And good thing we didn’t, last year’s was bigger.

It was a pretty stressful situation considering ship was only hours away. We did not have any other carrier plates handy unfortunatly. However, we are getting more carrier plates, and will replace the current ones the thursday of practice matchs. As mentioned, we were ready to put on the gearbox from last year’s robot just for a couple hours to test with for the programming guys. Luckly, the guys in the shop were able to dremble it down, and do some other stuff to the plate (im not completly sure what was done, i wasnt watching, i was getting the old gearbox out of last years bot) By doing some maching to the plate, we were able to put back this year gearbox, although we were very careful while driving, because the plate could have give anytime (luckly it did not… the arm broke instead…thats a whole other story)
We are using 4 cims… 2 for each side
We are using the 6" wheels from the KOP (6 wheel drive with offset)

Could’ve asked Homestead when you guys called for that 5’ thinwall box beam!! Judging by the plate’s size relative to the hand, that looks like it’s from the 56mm gearbox. We had 2 spare 3:1 plates and 6 extra 4:1 plates. Our mentor was quite eager to deliver the box beam if we had any just to see the MVRT bot!

and nice bot this year - see you all at SVR! :smiley: