pic: MVRT's robot plan (95% done)

Our robot CAD as of today. 99% completed by the team’s sophomores (the 1% was me adding fillets), and it’s looking like they did a great job.

The last 5% is just adding some spacers, sticking the winch assembly in, and moving around electronics. It is also missing our drawbridge/sallyport manipulator, although we were planning to add that after week 1/ week 0 competitions if we really need it.
We already started machining a while ago, but the manipulators were just locked in the other day.

Lowbar/high shooter/ climber and capable of all defenses except sallyport and drawbridge.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Looks great! Any reason you guys went for banebots on the shooter if you were going to gear them anyway? Also, is there something supporting the ball from underneath?

Doesn’t that intake have to start inside the frame perimeter? Does it articulate?

You’re going to wrap each individual noodle for your bumpers? Awesome!

JK, looks good

What are you using to rotate your shooting mechanism back into your robot?

I can’t tell specifically but if you look closely where the intake would pivot there are some gears showing. I’d imagine a versa planetary with a bag motor or similar.

There also appears to be a disc there. Possibly for a bike style pneumatic disk break?

That is one polished boulder!

I think I see the hooks for your scaling mechanism, are they supposed to be positioned where they are or are they supposed to be attached to the arms? Are you using a pulley lift or spring lift for the arm?

How are you guys planning on opening the Portcullis?

Also how do you guys plan on keeping your compressor held down on your robot? Alot of terrain defenses could make having a conpressor a hazard.

Anyways looks great!

Awesome CAD model :slight_smile:

Where will you be mounting your battery, main breaker and motor controllers? I would suggest you get the generic electrical schematic drawing and “follow the power flow” from the battery through the main breaker, PDP, motor controllers to the motors and lay out your components that way. Allow at least 1 inch around all sides of the main electrical components (RoboRio, PDP, PCM, VRM) for routing your wiring.

In your current design, the wires coming out of one side of your PDP will catch on one of the cylinders for your climbing mechanism. You will also have trouble getting the tool into the Wago’s on that side. On the other side, the wires coming out of your PDP will have to run over the router. This will make it difficult and messy to remove your router for programming at each tournament you go to.

Can you use the empty space between your current electronics panel and the boulder collector mechanism or is that space reserved for future enhancements?

Thank you for the compliments and suggestions!

Those are actually AM performance wheels with blue tread; we found that they shot better than the orange Banbots we had, and did not damage the ball. It also lets us swap out wheels/tread cheaply.

That’s correct. We are using a 300:1 VP with BAG motor on each side of the shooter, with MA3 encoders on the rotary shaft. We may opt to try the Versaplanetary encoder instead, but we’ll see if MA3s work first.

The shooter can articulate down far enough to open it.

We were planning on just using woodscrews or machine screws + threaded inserts to hold down the compressor.

The hooks are in the correct spot, and the spacers for them to attach them to the arms were not put in when I made this render.

We are using constant-force springs to extend the elevator/arm, and a pneumatic cylinder to flip it upright. A winch serves to retract it.

The battery is on its side right in the middle; it might be a little hard to see. The main breaker is the grey thing as we were unable to find an official model for it. The motor controllers will be mounted in various places, rather than just next to the rest of the electronics, to save space. They are mapped out as well, but not yet put in.
Thank you for the notes on the PDP placement, I did not think about the router issue. I was planning on just rotating it so it doesn’t hit…
I just redid the electronics placement. Rest assured we have enough space for everything, but we have to place the motor controllers in the front of the robot.