pic: MWR Champions

#3 Seed

111 - Wildstang
1625 - Winnovation
1675 - Ultimate Protection Squad

Your 2009 Midwest Regional Champions

Congrats guys! i know it took a lot to get there. also Wildstang ill see you at BMR.:cool:

2022 can’t wait to see 1675 and 1625 at Wisconsin.

now just look at them 3 fatties

and to 1675, dont you like it when banebots aren’t involved on our bot? lol

It’s about time 1625 and 1675 just started pairing up in the finals by default. The 16*5 alliance…

What do you mean by no Banebots?

I’m pretty sure that’s the motor that killed our run at Wisconsin last year when it decided to fry and be too difficult to change in a hurry.

Yea, this year we had the compressed air coolant Velcro’d to the Robot Cart encase of a repeat.

The problem was only having the one transmission and having to swap that out within the Time out.

1625, do my eyes deceive me, or did you abandon your crab drive modules for this year??? :eek:
Why, if I may ask?

Congrats on the win everyone!

Yeh, that one. Banebot + fischer price + huge game piece = magic smoke. Either way it was a blast. Thanks again for picking us [both times]

Yea, I was just like “ummmm… our drive is Banebots.”

just didnt fit the strategy, that nice wide glorious pickup wouldn’t be there if we had swerve modules. Plus if we wanna “strafe” all thats needed is a running start.
This was also the first year we’ve held ourselves to KISS, and it worked.
My favorite part is, this robots concept was decided at the end of day 2 of build season, and at the end of week one we had 2 welded chassis’s ready to roll.

And as far as the banebots, we’ve almost never had issues with the transmissions, (only used the 42mm variety) just the motors have been shotty IMO, that RS550 last year is the reason we went to colorado