pic: My Favorite Moment 2009

This was my favorite moment this year, as Blair read off the Chairmans description, and about the 3rd sentence in, we realized it was us, the girls all grabbed me and we all started crying, it set in quickly for the rest of the team and we were all muffling screams as he finished the speech. I have to say, the judges script writers are absolutely amazing, and we were honored to be selected at such a great Regional!!

That right there is what FIRST is all about.

Congrats you guys, you totally deserve it!

This is an awesome picture, from you girls hugging in the front to the faces of the guys in the background. You guys definitely deserve this! I was following the team all weekend while I was at Waterloo asking anyone who had internet access “How’s 1511 doing??”. When I heard 1511 had won Chairman’s I definitely was not surprised, just really happy for you all. :slight_smile:


This moment definitely felt like slow motion to me! I am so proud of everyone on this team and everything we’ve done to achieve this goal! :slight_smile:

Good Job 1511 from Josh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I like Calvin’s reaction the most. I don’t know how he managed to keep his composure through the intro. Having presented back in 2007 when we won at FLR, I can tell you that at the moment at which you realize that the MC is talking about things that your team has done, you experience so many emotions very quickly. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, as was this time around at Chesapeake.

Tremendous job 1511, I am so proud to be a part of this team!!! :smiley:

I can see Becca, Rika and Kim. Who the one getting squished in the middle?

That’s Shauna, our Payload Specialist.

The presenters were Shauna (squished in middle), Becca (far right of hug), and Calvin (foreground). They’re awesome! :slight_smile:

Fantastic photo capturing a fantastic moment of a fantastic team. Congratulations 1511 - you guys deserve it!

Also, I couldn’t help but notice some very attractive lime green shoelaces in the photo!

See y’all in Atlanta.

Haha…yeah…those are highly valued on our team. We fell in love with them in Atlanta and it was the thing everyone had to get!

This is my favorite photo of this season because it so clearly conveys a truly wonderful moment for some wonderful people.

Working with some of the great folks on team 1511 at FLR made me appreciate how much you have put back into FIRST. Congratulations!

This reminds me of what happened when my students realized they won.
I was down on the field, they ran down the stands and tackled me and my mom in one giant, sobbing hug.

It was a great moment, and I’m sure yours was too.
Best of luck at the Championship!

I couldn’t identify Shauna out of her facepaint.

That snapshot in time tells a million reasons why we celebrate what’s right about FIRST!
The same occured at Hawaii’s '08 regional, except with red aloha shirts.

Priceless. :smiley:


Glad to hear it. We will have a slightly different version of them at our MOE Hall of Fame booth in Atlanta this year, too. Drop on by for some competition!

Best of luck to your team at the Championship!

Talk soon.

That’s Calvin - cool as a cucumber under fire.

Here’s our presentation team all dressed up:

And here’s Calvin’s reaction about 3 seconds later :slight_smile: :

More pics at rollingthunder.smugmug.com

Just do it again, in Atlanta!!!

Congratulations to an impressive team!

Haha after the bruise I got on my arm from being thrown to the steps in fits of joy, I dont know what would happen to me if we won in Atlanta!! But hey, if I come home in a cast because we won Chairmans, I dont think I would complain!! (KIDDING BTW… or our crazy safety captain will come get me!! I already have to write an incident report for the bruise!!)

No matter what happens down there, Im very proud of my kids, and my whole team, the passion and emotion here is what FIRST is all about :slight_smile:

AHAHAHAHA! Owned. Mike is my hero!