pic: My first Chassis

My first chassis made.

Looks like a good start.

I am curious, are you running belts or chain? Do you have a tensioner designed in? Is your center axle live axle from the transmission? It is hard to tell from the view.

Also, if you want you could combine the two siderails into one part by making a top hat shape. We do something similar in our drivetrains and appreciate the rigidity that closing the top gives us over having two rails.

It’s difficult to see some of the details. A few other views of the assembly would be nice to have, at the very least to answer some questions like:

What gearboxes are you running? How are they supported?
What wheels are those? Do you have a drop center? How much drop?
Is the center wheel directly driven? Belt or chain to the outer wheels?

I like the consistent lightening pattern. It’s a cool aesthetic, although you could consider other materials that could be lighter or provide more stiffness to the chassis for the bellypan (like wood).

Overall it looks very nice.

Everything is 3/32 thick 5052 sheet metal.
SMC-103 is chassis part from the MVRT115 2015 offseason.
JBX-103 is a gear box from the MVRT115 2015 offseason.
I am using CIM motors.
Gear box is supported by the screws and mounting holes.

I am using #25 chain with an 11.5 inch center to center distance. It is a live axle. There are also no tensioner.

The wheel I am using are AndyMark 4in performance wheels. Yes the center is directly driven.
The center drop is about 0.09.
The speed at which this goes is about 17.9ft/s free speed.

Thank you for a great idea of attaching the side rails together. I will try it out next time.

(somewhat unrelated) How does one download inventor?


This is very nice, is this a rendering of a model you did, or is it a picture of an actual chassis you built?

Maybe it’s presumed, but it isn’t obvious (to me anyway) nor was it mentioned in this thread.

If it IS a rendering, it’s very nice, what did you use, Inventor? Solid Works?
How did you render it?

Thanks for any info you can share.

It says I need to close winword.exe. I do not currently have that open

I would suggest integrating a battery box into the chassis. Also you may want to consider making the outside wheels dead axle that way you use that to reinforce the chassis more and to put supports between the gearboxes.

(again, slightly unrelated) how do you open .stp files from AM on Inventor?