pic: My first National FIRST T-shirt Day

This is a pic of me celebrating the first National FIRST T-shirt Day on Sept. 6, 2003, wearing my 2002 ZONE ZEAL T-shirt and waiting from the Great Pumpkin to raise and fly thru the sky, giving candy to all the kids that believes in him… oh… wrong story, this is at Busch Garden, Williamsburg, VA.

Dude! You were at BGW!?!?! Should have told me! I would have went! If anyone goes to PKD, I have a season pass, so I can meet up with you there.

sorry, I would have like to have met you!
It was a last minute change of plans from Vigrinia
Beach to Busch Gardens because of the weather.

Ooh… as luck would have it, on the 2nd annual FIRST t-shirt day (9-6-04) I was wearing a Team 126 Gael Force T-Shirt for most of the day.

Looks like I inadvertently kept the tradition alive, did anyone else remember to?

Whoa! Way to resurrect an old thread!!!

I wore my 2002 IRI t-shirt today … though I have to admit, it was out of sheer coincidence … but what a coincidence it was!

I celebrated a day early with my 1293 shirt. Does that give me partial credit?

hmm Wierd I have one my 2003 Championship shirt right now…



Umm-i have a team 303 Fridge shirt on today. I think this is getting kind of creepy. Definitely too many coincidences going on.

i was wearing a segway shirt yesterday…does that count?

i got my 93 shirt on today :slight_smile:

I was wearing one of my old Beach 'Bot shirts yesterday. I have a lot of them, so it’s not surprising that on any given (non-work) day I would be wearing one.

Come to think of it, on a good number of work days, you will find me wearing a Beach 'Bot shirt during my morning workout. This morning, however, I was wearing my prized MOE shirt!

i was (am) wearing the kilt my team wears at competitions … does that count ??

i cant remember what shirt i was wearing yesterday … is that wierd ??

I only wear mine to bed nowadays…does that count?!
If I wear mine tonight???
prays it counts Lol.
My teammate was wearing one of our '03 shirts.
Interesting how that played out.

$@#$@#$@#$@#! School starts tomorrow- I need to wear A shirt!!!


BTW- the first of the new Hawaiian shirts is in…