pic: My First Render

I made my first render today and I just felt a little proud so i posted it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using CAD for just over a year, but I have never made renders or used other features than just mate/constraint etc. I have experience with Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, and now with SolidWorks. And honestly, I think SolidWorks was the best for me. It is SO user friendly, SO easy to use and learn. I’ve been using it for 2 days and I’m getting the hang of it.

SolidWorks for the win!

I completely Agree that SolidWorks is the most user Friendly. I attempted to use Inventor 2013, but they have a lack of tutorials and I am not sure where everything is located.

I have been talking to a team in St.Louis (1094) and have been trying to encourage them to start using CAD. I pointed out how SolidWorks is so User Friendly and now I believe they might be using CAD next year.

I am hoping that with my free time this summer I can create some Solidworks Tutorials for Beginners and to show people the extra things that will make you a lot quicker at Designing.

I am about to make a Video for this transmission (even though I already designed it once) just to show how I design, and also others can help me better my CADing Skills. I am hoping to Video Capture CADing our 2013 robot next year :smiley:

Keep it up and you will be really fast at Solid Works in no time!

That’s a whole lot prettier than my 10 second attempt at rendering it in Inventor.

Very pretty, keep up the good work!

Nice job on your first render!

If you’re looking for some nice tutorials, Lynda has a pretty nice set of video tutorials for solidworks, but they aren’t free unless you or your school has a membership. Something to check out :slight_smile: I learned how to make pretty pictures in 10 minutes with that video and just poking around. Keep exploring!