pic: My FIRST tattoo

This photo was taken with my phone so please excuse the blurryness of it.

I’m going back next week to get the circle outlined because it’s not easy to see.

Is that a knee?

Wow, finally, a tattoo you WANT to show off at a job interview…


mandatory this doesn’t follow the FIRST logo standard post…nice tat.

its about two inches above my ankle on the outside of my leg, I wanted to get it a little lower but my friendly tattoo artist said that would hurt more; so it migrated up my leg a little.

Wow. I love FIRST too, but I haaaaaaaate needles. I don’t think I could ever do something like that. Major props.

(PS- FIRST Logo Standards violation! :P)

I’m missing something, what exactly is a FIRST logo standards violation?

Anything that doesn’t follow this document (found on their website; search “logo standards”). Caution: The linked document is fairly large.

mhmmmm… Interesting, I hadn’t even thought that this would be an issue, whoops :yikes:
I’m not the best with wording and such but could this be considered a “decorative graphic element” ?

Graphic elements may be used as decorative
components in various communications, but
should be combined with one of our standard
logos. In exceptional situations, such as event
banners for example, or other “under the tent”
applications, graphic elements used alone can
add a festive air. Graphic elements are not logo
versions, and therefore must never replace
our official mark.


I want to get a big FIRST logo on my upper back, between the shoulder blades. Then add the number’s of the teams and or names i have been apart of.

Hey Tim,

Hope to see you back at Davis this year(we were your alliance partners, remember). Nice Tattoo.


OK, now that’s a little excessive…