pic: my first two-speed

2 speeds, 2 motors, 2 wheel drive. (222?)

It drives nice, probably my favorite to drive, yet. I’m only having problems with the stripped out clutches, but thats all. I’ll post specs ASAP, but thats probably after i get back from Palmetto.

Ditch the clutches, and replace with a longer axle. That’s usually how we do it… I dislike the clutches, so I use a longer axle and put a … uh I don’t know the technical term, one of the axle locks? I guess. in it’s place. Works good, and no stripping of the plastic possible.

I’m trying to follow how this works… looks sweet (this and the other picture). I wanna see it in person.

i assume you mean shaft collar? yeah, thats what i do most of the time, except on the drive train. but i’ll do that. if anyone else has an opion on the clutches, let me know.

i’ll try to get a better picture so you can see the drive.

Could we get as many pictures of two speed robots as we can? I would like to look into this in case we might need it for next year. I just need a better understanding of the mechanics of it.