pic: My FRC obsession

These past 5 years have gone by so quickly and to be apart of 179 for this amount of time is absolutely the best years of my life i wouldn’t want my experience to be any other way than this.

I would like to thank all of my mentors that guided me to be the best designer/ engineer that i always strive to be.

Thank you to all others that supported me and other great minds to come.

First, where’s the Citrus Circuits shirt, wanna trade?

Second, your giving me serious shirt collection envy.

I’m glad to see a 2052 shirt there… :smiley: Great collection!

Same thing here! If you want a 5859 shirt or any shirt from Québec, I can help!

That’s an impressive haul. That OG Robonauts shirt though :ahh:

Also I was going to say that your collection is missing 1241 and that we should trade and then I realized that we’re going to be at different Champs for the next few years. :frowning:

I have to say that is an amazing collection - I need to start trading shirts next year.

Nice to see a 4488 shirt in there! That’s quite the collection.

You need a 1529 t-shirt. I’m bringing a couple shirts to trade at IRI hopefully I’ll see you and your team there.

i will be happy to trade more shirts, i will be at iri if we get accepted.
small or mediums will be appreciated

Dylan why don’t you have a SigmaC@T jersey

Impressive collection - I am about halfway to what you have there…

Keep on truckin’

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

He’s also lacking a 4592 shirt…

Pretty jealous of the actual Bomb Squad shirt.

That’s their robot silhouette shirt and Bomb Squad was actually selling and trading those at worlds. The team shirt that they don’t trade has a smaller version of their logo on the upper left hand side and the back just says BOMB SQUAD in bold letters.

I have got to get you a Breakaway shirt. PM me your size and mailing address, and I will send you one.

I will be at the razorback invitational with the Tazbots and I’ll bring one with me. Small or medium will be perfect

Dylan, your mom reminded me that you don’t have a 108 jersey. I suppose you can be the first one to own one of our jerseys.

I am very proud of who you have become. I am only excited to see what your future holds. Good luck and you know I am always here if you need something.

Dylan I see the 1251 shirt !!! Pleasure working with you in 2014 on that robot design. Even then I knew you were going to be great at whatever you decided to go into to the last two years robots have exceeded expectations. Congrats on a great career as a student and good luck in the future. As always everyone on 1251 is here for you if needed.

Wow looks a bit bigger than mine sitting at 20 currents shirts wish I could get more but our team never qualifies for worlds and the teams in our area don’t trade much :cool: