pic: My Minor Critique of the 2018 display

Just my quick and dirty suggested tweak of the 2018 score display. I’m just not a fan of the random brick arrangement. I considered a checkered pattern a la Sonic the Hedgehog, but opted instead for this “split brick” pattern invoking the backgrounds in some Mario 3 levels (after all, Mario already DOES have a pretty strong association with bricks and cubes). I just think a clearer pattern to the background would make it less distracting from the actual scoring info.

Personally, the current one is more pleasing and contrasting to the eye and makes the important info pop out. Maybe im just crazy, who knows.

The only thing that bothers me is that the background on all the icons is too dark, so the images don’t stand out.

But it’s CD, I complain about everything.

I honestly like the new one that you created. The random bricks triggers my mild ocd

Dark Theme it… yellow is not the best background (keep icons yellow)

I think going to shades of gray or maybe purple instead of yellow would be the correct call. Higher contrast wit the yellow on white info we also see. I hope they make it.

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Your new design erases the secret message encoded in the “random” colors of the bricks.

Don’t listen to him! Bag Day’s just three days away, he’s just trying to nerd snipe your programming team!

You didn’t fix the slight gap between the semi-circles.

Agreed w/ the gray background - reminds me more of previous seasons’ overlays. Even taking the existing pattern and fading it out would be nice - the yellow in the background is too busy when you’re trying to pay attention to the important stuff.

My other suggestion made in the Week 0 twitch chat, was not to waste screen space on the “Look, it’s in an Arcade machine, get it?” frame on the score/upcoming match screen. That might look awesome on a huge screen for Einstein, but it’s going to be pretty tough to read the smaller print at events where screens are smaller, further away, or blown out by surrounding venue lights.

My main critique of the scoring display is that the numbers could be bigger.

The team numbers and the match number are often hard for me to read. Those, along with the score, are the most important things on the display bar for me, so I’d prefer that their size was maximized within the available space.

It looks like FIRST might’ve taken your suggestion