pic: My new Competition watch

A couple of us got together to see WALL-E this weekend. Much to my surprise, the girl at the ticket counter offered some of us this watch. It’s an elastic band with a digital readout that displays the date and time. In other words it’s perfect for the pits at a competition when your hands and/or wrists may constantly come in contact with not-so-friendly objects or edges. Sweet!


I wonder if next year’s game will involve creating cubes from aluminum cans and stacking them?

Our team was able to do a neato robot demo inside one of our theater lobbies on opening day/evening. They sectioned off a pretty good-sized area for us and provided draped tables for our information. It was very nice.

They also gave us free tickets for the 10:05 p.m. showing after the students and parents had been there from 3:30 on. Our team didn’t know they would get watches and thought they were just for the small children. One of our students started ‘whining’ around 9:30 about wanting a watch but that she was too big. What she didn’t know and I did, was that there were 3 small children standing behind her, holding their watches and listening to her whine. We got that all sorted out - it was funny really, and, lo and behold, she got her very own watch. :slight_smile:

I went to the second showing (11am friday) at our local theater, and they had the watches and a flyer saying they were free with a children’s admission. I asked how much that would be…she said $4.50. I said, hey, I just paid $4.50 for my ticket (matinee price), don’t I get a watch? She said no, it’s only for children’s admissions. darn. I’ll just have to keep wearing my Nixie watch to competitions…

I honestly had no clue why I got a watch and the people in front of me weren’t even offered one. Some of the students went back and asked, and only after appeals that they were robotics students did they get one.

I didn’t get one :frowning: though I did see it 2 days before it came out so I guess that makes up for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I went and saw Wall-e the day it came out, and went to the counter all excited to get my watch, only to disappointingly find out that they only came with child tickets. :*(

You should have pretended you were really small, like walking on your knees or something, I’m sure they would have been fooled…:ahh:

I didn’t even see any of those at the theater where I saw WALL-E. )= Neat watch, though.

I think I got lucky here. First time I went, I was denied one by the theater employee. Then, I went again, a few days later, and the person manning the counter not only gave me one, he offered it to me! I have to say, that made my experience much more complete. I just couldn’t bear not getting one of these :smiley:

The watches were a “while supplies last” sort of deal. The movie drew large crowds, and the theater you went to probably just ran out (unfortunately).

Maybe a different theater would still have some. (The one I went to in Bloomfield, CT had a bunch)

I have one of them.

Ha ha!!

mine broke…:yikes:

One of my friends has one, and it still works, even though he went in the shower with it on and lost it in my backyard a couple of times (we eventually found it) :stuck_out_tongue: