pic: my new wheel design

i didn’t like the wheel chair wheel design so i built one wheel that we’ll be using.

That looks like the same thing as the AndyMark kit wheel…

i agree

also i though the spacer part on the sproket goes on the other way around so the chain doesn’t rub the wheel/rim.

your definitely gonig to want to flip that sprocket. And what exactly is new about it?

Hmmm… The rubber tread looks to be tapered just like the AM kit wheel, any specific reason for that?
Does it increase traction or decrease wear or something?

It is much easier to make a mold of something if it is slightly tapered, if it is straight it is very hard to get it out of a mold.

thanks for the advice, i didn’t notice that it was switched when i was examing the wheel on our bot.
when i titled this i didn’t mean new as new design, i meant new as in "i like the design i’ve built better than the one you can get off the internet.‘’

So, may I say:

For the record, the wheel design shown here belongs to AndyMark, Inc. and the posted image is not original work.

Yes, So you mean that you’ve drafted a copy of the wheel?

Or maybe that this is a picture of Andy’s drawing?

At this point, that looks exactly like the .stp file MR. Baker has on his website…

this wheel is actually my work–all my work except for the gear–i drew the wheel exactly as it was in front of me using a calliper however i did not realize that the CAD file was available for download, the image is a screen shot of my work–thank you very much.