pic: My POE Ballistic Device Project


This is my Ballistic Device for my POE (PLTW) project. It was the only one of the two classes (14 groups) to make it in a bucket 13 feet away in one try. We shot ping pong balls. It’s a simple design, a mini spring powers a dowl rod forward and shoots the ping pong ball. The max distance we shot was 17 feet. Has anyone else ever done this project?

Here are some more pictures that might be able to answer some questions some of you might have. I would like some constructive criticism from all you guys. Even though the project is over and I got a 100/100 I want to make it even better. Do any of you see a way of how I could?

PS If you guys have extra time, build one of these things! ITS A BLAST!

Picture 002.jpg
Picture 003.jpg

Picture 002.jpg
Picture 003.jpg

Was it accurate (distance and side to side)?

We were not told the distance we had to shoot until we walked into class today. So, during our test days we took several measurements between the 5 and 15 foot range that he could have tested us on. It ended up being 13 feet.

We shot it really straight. After we finished building it I was concerned it would hook, like a paintball gun. But after testing it surprisingly shot dead straight.


In my physics class we had to make a catapult that shot a hackey sack into a 100 mL beaker from 16ft away and over a 5 foot wall. The wall made it so you couldnt see where you were shooting. Mine was the only one to make it into the cup :slight_smile:

we had a project in 9th grade where we had varying distances but our materials were limited: only a pencil, spoon, rubberband, paperclip and 1m of tape. the maximum was like 8 feet though. we shot ping pong balls.

my team won :slight_smile:

We did eggs. The egg launcher had to weigh less than 1 kg.

I hit 176 feet. Surgical tubing stores energy. Egg lauching energy.

So, now that a lot of you have seen the pics…how can I make it better without making HUGE changes? I am adding a coat of paint tomorrow for our presentation so it looks cool! :rolleyes: How can I make it shoot even further for the presentation?

I don’t know about shooting further, but adding some duct tape will give it that sleeper look that is starting to get in style lately.

I guess I could hold the lexan on with duct tape :rolleyes:

Hey Kyle, That’s Cool.

If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly was the project? Perry won’t have POE until next year and I was kinda interested in what will be going on in that class.

Well, in the class you do tons of projects.
-SMET^2 (uses simple machines)
-Mouse trap car (self explanatory)
-Marble sorter
-Ballistic Device
-Materials testing
-one more project that I forget…

In the Ballistic Device, we could use anything we wanted to build a machine that would shoot a ping pong ball a to be determined distance between 5 and 15 feet. We had about 5 class periods to build and test, on the 6th day we did some velocity equations, and on the 7th class day we tested.

None of the other projects looked like mine. Most were big and bulky that maxed out our 1’x1’ footprint. Mine was 5"x11.75".

hi there…

i guess u can help me with my project…

i have to make a device that can shoot a ping pong ball using :

  • a pair of scissors
  • 1 meter of cotton string
  • 3 wooden pencils
    *2 papper clips
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 2 A4 sheets
  • 1 bottle of water (500ml) it can be filled with water
  • sticky tape

we tried to make many designs but there is always a problem… especially in keeping the device stedy without mooving!!
n the rule is that NO human power should be used !! …
pleaaaaase help me…
regards… Rubi

I teach the POE class as well. In my class, my students must make their device to be accurate. They can shoot three times, and they are to land at the same spot each time. To be able to shoot for distance is easy, but to be able to consistantly land the ping pong ball in the same spot is the hard part. This is a very cool project because the students must be creative in their design with materials they supply, all while keeping it within a 1 x 1 square footprint.

heyz rubi, i guess u’re studying at squ and this is the project for lanc2 , am having the same problemo too :smiley: :smiley: .,.,

:cool: good luck

Hi Agian !!

nobody replayed until now to help !! but still am waiting !!

hi there bro (kashmoor)… lool yes i am studying at SQU… good luck to u too :slight_smile:

As stated above, we had to have accuracy in the actual test.

i havent done this before, but am about to for my POE class. finding this is part of my “identify the problem/research current solutions” interesting… im thinkin bout doing somethin similar making something like a spring powered cannon-esque launcher. i also worried about the ballistics of a ping-pong ball and arching like a paintball, but i guess that wasnt an issue here?