pic: My Prom Date - MILDREAD 4

Here is our robot with Samina holding up part of the arm on the Saturday/Sunday (taken at 12:30) before ship … in the past hours pneumatics have been hooked up and electronics were finished …

We are using the gearboxes and frame from the kit with two wheels in the back and two castors in the front. We have a two step pneumatics arm where the first phase works on a pulley system. In the back we have "wings" made from PVC that can come down and disrupt the mobility of other robots.

What a perfect date … (ps - unlike those who joke about taking their robot to prom … I am very serious about it)

See you at competition!!

Okay, I’m really confused! This looks awesome, but how does it work? I take it you can hold a bunch of tetras?

It is like a forklift. The bottom half of the arm is on a slider where the square aluminum in the centre works on a pulley to raise it. (The piston in the back lowers the square to raise the arm). The second half of the arm is raised by another piston that is mounted to the slider giving us a total of almost 9 and a half feet of air. We can only hold one tetra at a time and pick it up as the top half of the arm raises. Then we drive up to the goal, raise the first half and then lower the second half to drop the tetra on to the goal.

In the back we have wings or blockers that will come down to increase our area to block other robots from stacking.

She’s my prom date … and shes beautiful …

nice bot…how long did it take you to design it? like phrontist said…its pretty confusing…

well, it was pretty much designed on the fly… our original design (except for the wings) was completly different.

There are less confusing pictures that Shyra could have chosen to have put up, but I don’t know what was going through her mind… I don’t even know if I want to…

nice…well, good job on the robot, and c u guys at the GTA Regional :slight_smile:
good luck, and i hope u guys do well

beautiful. i’m quite jealous, you mind sharing prom dates?

it took us a while to finalize the design … the wings were done in the first couple of weeks, but the arm you see wasn’t designed until about a week ago. We had another arm but there was so much friction that the piston couldn’t lift it from the point we wanted to get enough height.

ps - i dont know neha … ill share her with you for prom for a t-shirt!

edit: in response to Kevin’s comment below: the wings are made of PVC … we figured if they are good enough for FIRST to use as game pieces … they are good enough for us … they are attached to aluminum on the robot though and that issue did come up, so the bar it is attached has reinforcements on it to prevent it from warping. we are going to test it by running one of the old robots in to it, hopefully later today

wow nice. the wings are a really cool idea, but be warned they might be used against u. if a team pushes those wings, the torque might steer ur robot away from the goal and u guys might miss. and impacts might start bending the aluminum (given theyre made of aluminum) ur screws might get bent? not sure. im just being paranoid for u guys :slight_smile:

well, im guessing that ur arm works now w/o probs?

btw. good observation, kelvin lol

Well, we haven’t actually testd the new design yet, aside from pulling it up with our hands…

we just tried to turn the electronics on and a speed controller started smoking…

Hopefully it works!

To Kevin below:Yes… we actually have built an extra wing in case one gets too badly warped, and they are mounted easily accessable (you got the location right)

haha thanks. umm…me and my team were first considering making a defensive robot that could unfold to around 12 feet in length. But considering the forces other robots can apply on the wings, it might stress the chassis too much (aluminum bends too much), it was a good thing we didnt go with it. I didn’t influence the decision to go with a conservative design, but its still good we didnt make insane wings.

looking at mildread 4, those wings look like their secured on top of the plate above the gearboxes. then connected to the pneumatics. if anything happens, maybe its fixable?

…speed controller, smoking…now that cant be good :S we’re making sure to be extra careful to make sure that metal or water, etc doesn’t get in the speed controllers…we were drilling and using a vaccum to clean the metal pieces off the robot so that it doesn’t even accidentally go in.

We did all that too… It ended up being that it was wired backwards.

but shyra, we don’t have enough money this yr to get T-shirts x.x’
how about a hug and a bracelet?

Forget prom. Can I marry it Shyra?

way to go Shyra…geez…j/k :p…its ok, every1 makes mistakes, i’ve prob screwed up on our bot more than ne1 else… o well…thats y we hav teachers…and my dad to tell me that im stupid… :frowning:

wait…apparently same-sex marriage is ‘legal’ in Canada…wat about man/woman - to robot…im gonna hav to ask a lawyer about that…(sry, im pretty bored, and im pretty hyper, so i do/say stupid things when im hyper…well, i do even when im not hyper :yikes: :rolleyes: )

just make sure the robot doesn’t CHEAT on you with ME :yikes:

wow…yea…now this is gettin kinda creepy lol

How did you get your school to let you have a robot as your prom date? I’ve been trying to get my school to allow robots as dates, but to no avail.