pic: My Segway


Saw the other post, so thought it’d put up a shot of my segway. Custom built at the tech shop in Menlo Park, CA. Some information is posted on a website i started (but never finished). Was riding it around at the Las Vegas regional. If any other teams are interested in building their own i’d be happy to help out :")

(Photo Courtesy of Spectrum IEEE)

What was the build cost on that? And weight capacity?

Cost me around 3grand to make…valued around 4.
$700 torque sensor for steering (you could use a $1 pot instead :")
$1,000 A123 Li-Ion batteries (can build your own pack for $400)
$572 for motors and gearboxes (i found them for $150 a pair on ebay)

I bet someone can build a nice one for under 2k.

10 mile range

Never tested the max weight it can handle…but it’s ridden fine with a 250 rider, and fine with 2x 150 riders :")


This looks an awful lot like the one on the episode of systm :wink:
Great job on the show!
For those that don’t watch Systm, Daniel was featured on an episode along with his segway. He did a awesome job! http://revision3.com/systm/techshop/

opportunity to promote systm some more :"P this is the other project i did with them http://revision3.com/systm/n64/