pic: My senior Gift...

This is the what my team gave me after my final season was over.
Everyone signed the picture during our end of season party.
I was team captain for 2 years, and am now happily joining the ranks of our amazing mentors.
Oh and don’t worry about the picture… I was wearing safety glasses :smiley:

Wow one of the greatest gifts ever. Epic. Totally Frame It. How did your team come up with that idea?

You should have invested in some Old Glory Robot Insurance…

you know, once those robots grab you with their metal claws you can’t break free. Because its made out of metal…

… and robots are strong.


One of our team moms was in charge of gifts for the seniors.
This pic was taken at 2 somthing in the morning, we were all a little on edge about getting the robot done in time… So I thought the team could use a little humor to lighten things up. I didn’t know till later though that one of the moms had taken a picture of it.
That video is awesome! I love SNL!

That’s a really great gift! I love the picture, too (Robot: “Omnomnom…”)

I for one welcome our future robot overlords.

I tend to agree with Andrew. Robot overlords logical ways will be much easier to deal with then the people overlords (bosses).

Also robots will just do Data dumps instead of 3 day meetings!

This is giving me flashbacks

We are way off topic…:slight_smile:

It’s obvious from the signatures on the pic that your teammates respected you greatly. Congratulations on all you have accomplished with your team!

Looks like you could’ve used safety shoes, too.

Very nice pic, frame it & keep it forever.[/quote]

Very cool picture. That is a moment that will live with you for a very long time. I am thoroughly impressed with action conveyed in the shot. Most of us have memories of times like this. You have a fantastic photo.

P.S. This is what happens when you put an “Autocode writer” in your autonomous loop. The machine becomes self aware and eats its masters.

WOW dats awsome senior gift i should make my seniors thoes kind of gift too :smiley: