pic: My three sons

Anyone know how to convince the IRS that the one on the left is a dependent?

1712 took the robot to test run at the home of 103 on Thursday evening (thanks Dave!). That meant the Kressly boys got to babysit (and work on) Dawgma I over the long weekend.

Anyone else noticed how much younger the rookies seem to be these days? Great-looking bot, guys. Looking forward to seeing you in Philly!

Those l’il Kressly’s look almost as happy as their dad did putting together Vex fields at 12 midnight a few weeks back!

Cute kids, Rich!

Cute robot, too. I’m sure it and Team 1712 will be a great competitor!

thanks again to team 103 for letting us practice on your field. it was great meeting the team. see you guys at philly.

Can anyone else see the resemblance of Kres and his new dependent?

Kressly, they all look just like you…

the youngest one is looking a little heavy though… how much does that one weigh, about 120 lbs? :wink:

Thanks to team 103 for letting us practice with them!

Hey Rich,
How did you get the one on the left to look so much like you. Oh, I mean the one in the middle.

Am I the only one that thinks that cooler is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while?! (Becides the 2 offspring of Rick Kressly)


Rich, your kids are adorable! Great looking robot, and of course, good luck at Philli!

The “young” rookies are old enough to coax their dad into handling the robot controls.

“Genetic Engineering” would be the appropriate answer for you ;

In week six, an open and full cooler would be a better sight

Thanks for the well wishes for the team and they are adorable because they look like mom (thank goodness).

My oldest even drew a picture for the robot (we stapled it to the inside of the crate door) so it wouldn’t get lonely during the shipping / dryage process.

I needed a good laugh, thanks and good luck!