pic: My vex robot

i saw fin put his vex robot up. so i thought i should show the CD people my vex Robot.

Very nice job Mike.

The Arm reminds me of team HOT. Wish if there was a way to make 67’s chassis wtih the starter kit.

oh yea… Happy Birthday man. Enjoy your day. See you at IRI. :slight_smile:

I saw that thing in action yesterday. Very nice job done man…works well.

looks really nice… it’s the simple chassie but it works… can’t wait till more stuff comes out and get more money to pay…

but again great job!!!

how long does it take to cap?

Hey, sweet job dude. It looks like it would work rather well.

with the four bar linkage system this baby can cap in 5 seconds. and with the gripper i say about 4 seconds. but 67 design was were i got the design from.

it works good i got to drive it!!! wooo! lol hows yer arm feeling from those birthday punches goosefeather!