pic: Mythbusters at Gencon

Great pictures of Tory, Grant and Kari from Mythbusters.

No Jamie or Adam? Then it’s not Mythbusters :wink:

Personally, if either leaves the show, I’m going to stop watching, this guys just don’t have the same thing those two do.

I would have to agree without Adam or Jamie I just could not watch the show. But still it would of been nice to be there to meet the rest of the Mythbusters crew

Ya know…I have to disagree! Though I’d be severely bummed if either Adam or Jamie left the show, I really warmed up to the rest of the Mythbusters over this past season. Maybe its because at least 2/5’s of all Mythbusters are robot geeks like the rest of us, or maybe its because I have the usual NERD crush on Kari…either way, I am an addict!

I think that Mythbusters should do a show on FIRST. We can start with them busting the myth that the Midwest *actually *knows how to play defense!

Yes…I had to get that last jab in for the 2006 season. That one was for you Wildstang! :wink:

I agree with the first part of it…but the Midwest defense part, look at 45 videos…we played defense most of the year. Including GTR ;). Sure, the plan was to play offense, but ya know you can throw the plan out the window once your shooter doesn’t work. :rolleyes: Now it does though.

Silly Technokats…how many times do I have to tell you…you aren’t a Midwest team! You are a New England team…trapped in a Midwest state. :wink:

Stop trying to claim all the good teams for NERD! :rolleyes:

We know you just want Andy Baker among the NERD ranks. :wink:

Hey we did manage to convert one Miss Amanda Morrison thank you…

But anyways to avoid a thread hijack, I would just like to say that I too must agree with Andy and say that the rest of the cast does do a great job, and how quickly you all forget Scottie, granted she may not be a current mythbuster but there have been at least seven, and without the rest of the cast most of what Jamie and Adam do just wouldn’t happen. I vote best mythbuster ever to Buster!

or Earl the Mythbuster’s Caddy.

Alright i have to say this on here and i already got harrassed at Gen Con about it. I have never seen Myth Busters, lol, i do not get the channel… So i have found out that i have been really deprived.

I KINKO that

:confused: Why didnt anyone tell me about this gencon thing?

whats it about and such?


Ouch, Joe! That hurts, especially from a fellow FIRST enthusiast (I’ve mentored Team 841 for five years now) and author (“Kickin 'Bot”). But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

GenCon is a gamer convention in Indianapoils, IN. It’s focused on fantasy role playing games and card games (as opposed to computer games). Sorry TechnoKats, I didn’t get a chance to visit you. Thanks for the invite, but we were swamped signing autographs right up until we had to leave for the airport! We’ll also be at DragonCon, which is a much larger convention in Atlanta, GA from Sept. 2-4. This one is more general-purpose and there is a special combat robot section. Sorry, but this appearance will only be Kari, Tory and I. No Adam and Jamie. We’ll be doing a talk all together where we show our blooper reel, and I’ll be doing a separate talk about robots in the movies and TV.

We’re on the Discovery Channel on wednesdays at 9pm. We also play at other random times throught the week depending on the market. Back episodes are available on DVD and iTunes.


Nothing against you Grant, trust me! It’s just I’m a purist, plus there’s something about you wearing a beret and a pencil mustache that just doesn’t work. :wink:

Keep up the good work.

PS, our podcast FIRSTcast is looking for guests on shows! :]

LOL, two shameless plugs in a row… :wink: (I vote that Grant replaces Joe on FIRSTcast)
Anyway, Adam and Jamie are great, but I definately love the whole cast of Myth Busters.

Gen Con is the worlds largest gaming event and lasts for four days. This year 45, 1501, 393, 829, and 1272 went, after Derek contacted Indiana FIRST wanting some teams to do a demostration. Next year we hope that the demo thing will be more organized and that more teams will come or at least more people.

I dont know if they still do, but i know that jamie and adam came and did a talk and played the blooper reel at UCF of course it was during week 6 of the build season ('05? they all kinda become a blur dont they?) so i couldnt go :frowning:

Andy sent out email to all the Indiana FIRST teams. Find out who on your team is on the mailing list and kick some but!

Wow, I never knew you were involved in FIRST.

If it makes you feel better, you’re my favorite character on the show. I always thought you were more into robotics based on your ideas on the show, but I never knew.