pic: Mythbusters with 341 at White House

If only I could have been a bug on the wall in that room. No doubt there were some interesting conversations at that event. :rolleyes:

It’s “Confirmed” I’m jealous. :smiley:
I would love to meet Adam and Jamie. Were they approachable?

Adam & Jamie were just as awesome in person as they seem on TV. As the mentor I sort of stood back and let the kids enjoy the moment. My joy came out of watching them interact.
Not only were they fun to talk to, but they truly cared about what the kids had built. They asked the kids very insightful questions about how the machine was designed and really "grilled’ them to see what they knew.

They also seemed to know a lot about FIRST, which was also cool.

Seriously, I am very jealous of you guys. Adam and Jamie are two of the top people I would like to meet. Also, I told my physics teacher about this and he was tempted to join and help the team just to win Chairmans and possibly meet them haha.

The latest episode of mythbusters has President Obama on it. The guys look dressed the exact same, probably filmed the same day this was shot

Yes, they filmed it just before the science fair happened. I did not see the episode yet.

Aired Wednesday. Archimedes Death Ray #3. More mirrors, better aiming system. I highly, highly doubt there will ever be a #4 of that one.