pic: N.E. FIRST Conference Vex Demo

I thought that I would share another picture of my Team 228 in VEX robot. This picture was taken at the Southern New England FIRST Conference (on October 1) during the lunchtime barbeque.

I have about one third on an entire mini Triple Play field. Also, except for some for the new Vex sensors that have yet to come out, the robot is now complete. New this time: There are two loading stations and two vision tetras. Also, the robot has side panels which are almost exactly the same as the full-size Team 228 robot. Also, I put the Vex Limit switches on the arm and the elevator.

A funny thing is that my Team 228 in VEX robot seems to have gone on tour. First it started with the S.N.E. Conference. Later this week, it will go to the NMTC (National Math Teacher Conference) at the Connecticut Convention Center, and Parent's Night at one of the high schools that is part of our team. On Saturday October 8, I'll bring it to Bash@theBeach. Later this month, it will probably go to the NSTC (National Science Teacher Conference) also at the CTCC. And quite possibly it may make a guest appearance at the Ruckus… :wink:

Now I wish I’d made the trip to go to that although it is a quite a drive. Also I’d like to drop to my knees and stare at your godly robot. It’s really that awesome. Seriously.

There was always a crowd around the Vex robot so I only got to see it in action a little bit, but it looked really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing it again at the conventions and on Saturday at Bash. :slight_smile:

now thats a high quality VEX field, how did you make it? I like the vision tetra’s too.

And yes your robot is awesome.

sweet bot! you should come on over to Rochester, NY for the off season comp Rah Cha Cha and bring it along. it would be amazing. nice job.

Thanks! http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif Eventually, I plan on getting the Vex Ultrasonic Sensor, to try to see if it will work off the vision tetra panels. If it does, I may make an autonomous mode in which is finds the tetra and then caps it. But that is a long way off, as the Programming Module still isn’t available in any of my local RadioShack stores. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/34.gif

The goals are made of 1/2" EMT pipe, the tetras are of 1/2" CPVC pipe, and the auto loading platforms are of 1/2" x 1/2" wood. I’d like to thank my father for these, as he built a lot of the playing field components while I built my Vex robot. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/2.gif The Vex robot will stack a maximum of eight tetras on the center goal and will easily stack all twelve that I have on the side goals. Here is a picture of a twelve tetra high stack at the SNE conference: (Steve Cremer is the person in the background)


Mapquest says that Rochester is about six hours from my home in Connecticut. [STRIKE]If I did go, that would be a long trip. But, I don’t have anything on October 29th, so I might go. Maybe. [/STRIKE]

EDIT: Okay everyone, you convinced me! At this point, I am about 95 percent sure that I will be able to attend the Ruckus! http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/48.gif

Amazing job. Honestly, at first I didnt realize it was the Vex robot, until after reading the caption. Silly me.

wow, it’s so lifelike, it almost looks photoshopped! :cool:

Really, really nice.

I almost forgot to post this! I have uploaded more pictures of my Vex robot to my teams website. Here is the URL:


Here are a preview of some of the pictures:http://www.team228.org/images/2005/sne/thumbs/sne03.jpg](http://www.team228.org/index/promotefirst/05/sne-demo.htm) http://www.team228.org/images/2005/sne/thumbs/sne05.jpg](http://www.team228.org/index/promotefirst/05/sne-demo.htm)