pic: N.E.R.D.s In Boston!

Here's a shot of some NERD's in the heart of New England, at the Boston Regional!

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How many NERDs can you identify?

I’ll admit, I still don’t know 2 or 3 by name I don’t think. :ahh:

Let me see…

2nd one from the left is Tom Bottiglieri. Kneeling in front is Andy Grady. Standing in front to Andy’s left is Kathie Kentfield. Jeff Rodriguez is the tallest one there apparently sitting on someone’s shoulders. I can rule Jaine Perotti out since I know she’s not in the pic. Naming the others might take me some time…if I went to more comps this would be easier! :wink:

kim, tom195, sam230, tom230, jon, greg, eric, jess, kori, kathie, laura, schindler’s hiding, ogre is being tall, marc is on segway, and andy’s in front!

i think one of the qualifications for being a NERD is being short…

– Big Mike (i’m not big you are all just short :wink: )

Did you forget I am taller than you??? http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/22275

I can identify atleast one person who is not in this picture…

Is Ogre ON Tom Schindler’s shoulders?

Geez guys, he’s not that tall :stuck_out_tongue:

so sad I couldn’t be there