pic: Name The Mentor Round #1: Picture #1


Name this mentor, 1 guess per user, First person to guess it right gets 2 points, all others who guess it right get 1 point, get all 3 of this weeks pictures right, get a bonus point.

Do not post discussion in this forum, until the identity of the pictured person has been revealed, Only post your guess.

This is Picture #1 for Round #1

I’m gonna say that’s a young Rich Kressly.

I’ll say it’s a young Bill Beatty.

Andy Baker.

Greg (GW) Ross.

Rich Kressly.

I say Bill Beatty

It’s the ears, dude - Rich Kressly

I say Greg Ross

I think it’s Greg.

Rich Kressly

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Chris Fultz

Mr. Ross.
(Reason: Looks too much like Joe Ross)

The curmudgeon. Greg Ross.

Thought about this for a while and I think I’m going with Greg Ross.

i am going with Greg Ross because he didn’t respond to this thread…

Greg Ross

I like going against the grain, I’m thinking Kressly.

Looks like Greg Ross to me.

[Jumps on the bandwagon] Greg Ross [/Jumps off the Bandwagon] (oops…jumping off wagons may be hazardous to your health)