pic: Name The Mentor Round #1: Picture #3


Name this mentor, 1 guess per user, First person to guess it right gets 2 points, all others who guess it right get 1 point, get all 3 of this weeks pictures right, get a bonus point.

Do not post discussion in this forum, until the identity of the pictured person has been revealed, Only post your guess.

This is Picture 3 for Round 1

Katie Reynolds

I’m with Jeff. Katie all the way. (The hair gives it away :p)

I agree that it’s Katie, but I thought it was the cute little nose that gave her away.

:: holds Katie’s new WAI pic and this pic next to each other ::

… Alright, It’s Katie… :slight_smile:

Knew it just by looking, definitely Katie Reynolds. She looks tres adorable.

Yeah, it’s Katie Reynolds.

that is definatly Katie Reynolds

a thought of Dave goes into my head but on the hand of seen Katie’s WAI i choose Katie

I concur, it’s definitly Katie Reynolds.

Yup, going with the rest of ya’. Katie Reynolds

This one’s easy. Katie Reynolds.

hopping on the bandwagon … definitely Katie Reynolds

I say Katie as well

Boy we’d all look stupid if it weren’t her - Katie Reynolds.

Katie Reynolds

I’m really going to laugh when this isn’t Katie Reynolds… My vote’s for her though.

Yea I gotta go with Katie Reynolds.

Baby Katie.


Haha wow this is the first picture we’re all in agreement on…who am I to break a trend, Katie it is :slight_smile: