pic: Name the Mentor Round #3: Picture #2

Meh, I’m gonna go for broke on this one even though I know it is probably wrong.

Big Mike?? Is that you?

Greg Perkins?

Greg Needel.

Greg Needel

G. Needel

hops on the bandwagon
Greg Needel

Aidan Browne?

I see it–Greg Needel.

It bugs me that Perkin’s post was deleted.
So, I’m gonna go with Greg Perkins.

I say D.J. Fluck

I gotta go with Greg Needel

Hmm pastel hearts? Late 80’s early 90’s. Definitely the kind of cheesy background midwestern hick family photographers would use. I bet this kid had a NKOTB Trapper Keeper, too.

I think this person has at least two siblings, judging from the two small hands on each side of him. I’d say one younger and one older.

I first thought Aidan Browne as well, but the timeframe doesn’t fit, and the nose doesn’t match. Not knowing if he has brothers and sisters or not, I’d say that looks like a pre-glasses, pre role-model D.J. Fluck to me (not a vote yet). So much so that I’d say it IS D.J. Fluck (ok, it’s official).

Thats DJ

… umm, DJ was that civilized at one point? :stuck_out_tongue:

Greg Needel

Dr. Aidan Browne


D.J. Fluck is my vote.

Aidan Francis Browne, Ph.D.

I’m on the DJ Fluck bandwagon.

after reviewing the evidence i am going with Aidan Browne