pic: Name the Mentor Round #3: Picture #3


Brandon Martus?

OK, I’ll finally guess at this game.


Elgin, read the rule. lol… and if this was suppose to be tytus’s picture, it would be a “I am a pimp” baby picture.

My guess is Dr. Joe Johnson.

I’ll agree with that and go with Dr. Joe. Give that kid a DeWalt and he’ll be happy to play! :wink:

gonna take a stab at this, John v. Neun?

It has to be Paul Copioli

hmmm, this is the toughest one yet. It could be anyone so far, my guess is Brandon Martus.

Scott Ritchie

This will be a correct guess one of these times:
Andy Baker

Joe Johnson

… it’s the ears that give it away… and he’s obviously got lots of energy, even at a young age (and without Mountain Dew!) :wink:

Joe Johnson

This time, I’m gonna guess Martus the Younger.

Paul Copioli.


Giovanni… er… I mean Paul Copioli.

maaaaan… those are some big ears for a little kid.


ps… keep trying Rich

Paul Copioli

pure guess but Paul Copioli

I’m “guessing” Joe Johnson.

I’m going with my initial impression: Brandon Martus.