pic: Name the Mentor Round #3: Picture #3

I’m gonna say that darned Paul Copioli

I’m going with Joe Johnson.

Round 3 is now over. The correct answer is Rich Kressly. That’s right, every single one of you got it wrong. Groupthink is dangerous, beware.

For up to date standings, please see this thread.

Golly gee whiz Mr. smarty-pants. I will keep trying if you say so :wink:
And yes, those ears are large. One needs counterbalance for such a large brain. :slight_smile:

You have me there… I just figured that a little kid picture of you would be in black and white. :slight_smile:

In this post, I considered mentioning how you look much like Paul Copioli’s oldest son, Giovanni, but that would be highly inappropriate. So… I won’t say that.

Good picture Rich… nice ears.

Andy B.

I was surprised photography had been invented? That was what, 1839? Rich must have been right around the corner.

You Indianaers are funny people, and very cultured as well. Isn’t Indiana where they converted a rest stop into a museum that celebrates the world’s largest ball of twine?

The Giovanni comment is only inapproprite on the Copioli side.
Nice hair Baker. Did the Flowbee jam?
Morrison, obvioulsy the limited ability you have to see over the desk, past other normal-sized students, and to the chalk board has hampered your ability to learn history.

OK, Kressly, don’t go knockin’ the Flowbee! Mine has served me very well for many years! Ron Popeil is my hero! :rolleyes:


Let us remember that Photoshop can perform miracles in the right hands. (Even making Rich look Italian.)